About Us

Am I a car nut? Nah, not really. Although I can appreciate the beauty in a 54 Chevy, or a 24 Touring Car...I am just as happy in my Ford Ranger. I understand the creative side, the time constraints, the budgets, the continuity, the talent, location, and that damn weather...

So why represent cars? It's what I do. I have spent the majority of the past 20 years in the entertainment industry. I began my career at age 19 representing models through Webb Model Management.  An agency I started solely.  Eventually branching from Boston into NYC  working with clients such as Seventeen, YM, Haines, Lancome, Este Lauder, Director Jim Wilson, and many more.

So, why Pink Vega? Well, it signifies the diversity and uniqueness of vehicles I represent. And also...I use to own a Vega...it was my first car...and yes, I had it painted pink. People still ask me about it today...my first marketing success. I made a Vega memorable!